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SEUL: Request for comments: seul logo

The Freehive project has been kind enough to design a sample logo for us:


and now is the time to provide comments before they polish it up and move
on. I know absolutely nothing about logos, other than the fact that it
would be keen to have a real one. My original thoughts were that it would
end up being a bit more..complex (spiffy?) than this, but this has merit
too -- it's simple, which is one of our goals. :)

This is the sort of thing that will go (inconspicuously) on a lot of the
seul products, such as what seul-edu comes up with, such as (perhaps)
Project Independence's distribution if I ever get my act together and help
them finish the first draft, such as some of the gEDA and FreeHDL distribs
if they like. "Branding and name recognition", as the freehive people call

Their current plan is to go with the top one, and:
>The curved corners will be
>tweaked a little more and I think we can use the light green color for most
>things and only use the white for links and special things which require

If you have any comments at all on the logo or suggestions for a different
design, please let me or the list know. All suggestions welcome. (Positive
comments are welcome as well. :)