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Re: SEUL: Request for comments: seul logo

---Roger Dingledine <arma@mit.edu> wrote:
> The Freehive project has been kind enough to design a sample logo
for us:
> http://www.freehive.org/projects/seul/seul-leo-0.gif

At first it looks okay, but I'm with Roger. I think it could look a
bit more professional. Not that the effort was wasted or anything, but
I think we are looking for a different look.

I don't know who is that creative on this list, but I'd like to have a
crack at designing it too. If we don't have a deadline to have it done
by. I think that it would be fun to have each of us, just through down
something and give it a shot! You never know. Look at the Lucent logo
for crying out loud. No one even knows what it is. But it didn't take
a lot to make and now it is their trademark.

I'll start working on designs if I get the okay from you Roger.

Let us know.
Chuck Huffman

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