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RE: SEUL: Request for comments: seul logo

I'd have them look at:

1) tweeking the spacing between letters... it looks a little cramped at the end
2) tweeking the over spacing of the work, again, looks shifted right
3) tweeking the "l" because, at first glance, I thought it was an I

Other than that it looks good and I like the green better than the red and I
think of a lot of good uses for that logo.

On 09-Dec-98 Roger Dingledine wrote:
> The Freehive project has been kind enough to design a sample logo for us:
> and now is the time to provide comments before they polish it up and move
> on. I know absolutely nothing about logos, other than the fact that it
> would be keen to have a real one. My original thoughts were that it would
> end up being a bit more..complex (spiffy?) than this, but this has merit
> too -- it's simple, which is one of our goals. :)

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