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Re: SEUL: Request for comments: seul logo

I don't know much about logos either. But that never stopped me from
talking on any *other* subject, so ...

I kinda like it. :-)

The "L" in
looks too much like a capital "I" for my taste.
(It should be easy to fix the upper-right serif to make me happy).

I think I like
a little better.

Is that shape (in both of these images) different enough from
a certain other well-known, trademarked, "swoosh" symbol ?

Images that come to my mind when I think of "simple":

The classic example of "simple, easy-to-use" is a toaster.
Would something that is recognizably "toaster-like" be too detailed for us ?

Key-in-keyhole. A key lets you access locations that would be very
difficult otherwise. (Sure, you *could* use a big fire-ax to chip a
man-sized hole in that door -- but why not do it the easy and elegant way

A can opener. (Simple, does one thing very well, and also some of the same
positive connotations as key-in-keyhole).

Spheres and cylinders and tetrahedons are simple 3D solids.


training wheels.

>From: Roger Dingledine <arma@mit.edu>
>To: seul-pub@seul.org
>cc: seul-project@seul.org, seul-edu@seul.org, freehive-web-list@lists.styx.net
>The Freehive project has been kind enough to design a sample logo for us:
>and now is the time to provide comments before they polish it up and move

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