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SEUL: Fwd: Re: Request for comments: seul logo

As for the fonts, I am very strongly in favor of a font that gives
us a good strong 'S'. Not a backwards Z, not a backwards ?, not a squiggly
line -- a real live S. :)

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Subject: Re: [Freehive-web] Re: Request for comments: seul logo
From: Ole Utskot <leo@styx.net>
Date: 09 Dec 1998 17:02:18 -0600

> I've uploaded (to incoming) several other suggestions that seul people have
> come up with. I think for the most part I still prefer the simple design that
> freehive came up with, but these should be interesting to look at, at the
> least.

I've put them where they belong now.

> seul-rob-1.gif was sent to me by Robert H OGwynn <robert.ogwynn@mciworldcom.com>
> as an example of putting the 'simple end-user linux' in the logo. I think
> the argument about scaling probably applies here, though?

I like these designs, the dots between the letters are very nice. As you say
I'm afraid the simple end user linux text would disapear after a bit of
scaling. I think I might play around with adding the dots to a version of the
original, with all capital letters some time tomorrow. (unless of course
someone beats me to it).

> seul-cbhiii-N.jpg where N is 1..5 are some designs that Chuck Huffman came
> up with. 

Not sure about these. I didn't get any "Oh, I like that" feeling from any of them.

> seul-cbhiii-fonts.jpg is a graphic describing some fonts he considered.

This was interesting. I think we might want to run through a few different
fonts on the logo and see if we can't find a better one that the font I used

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