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SEUL: Draft of prototype web site

I put this together awhile back and was going to work on it. You know how
those things go. Anyway here it is.

Here is a draft for a prototype web site. Constructing a prototype allows one
to play with ideas. It's basically here's the code, what do you think of it?
Try it out, etc. Also the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" comes
into play. It is much easier to get an idea across with a picture than with
words. I had put this much together in the hopes of getting a prototype web
site started. It's probably hard to follow and has a number of my own ideas in
it. My hope was to try something. Anyway here it is.
Here is something to start with but use your imagination. I'm looking at a
printout of our current home page. What follows are starting suggestions. Keep
the top line (banner) as is. On the left keep what's there for now except
under 'SEUL groups' where we will now have:
Web Site
Feel free to reorder the list. On the left replace the header (name I'm giving
to the sentence immediately below the banner) with new text (we are dealing
with more than just an OS). The 'Recent News' part either leave it as is or
leave it blank and I will fill it in with something. I know Roger wants it but
I would just as soon get rid of it. Reason, I go to the front page 3 or 4
times a day. It's old news. Below this, things are the same except that I
would like to have both subscribe and unsubscribe functions. Since I don't
know how else to handle it, I'm going to write 'subscribe/unsubscribe seul-
xxx' for the box, whatever, where the customer can subscribe to or unsubscribe
from a mailing list. Also I'm going to leave it up to you how you want to do
things like at the bottom of the page where we currently have:
This page maintained by ...
Contact us at ...
Last modification ...
Also feel free to rearrange the placement of anything. Basically I'm supplying
the text. However anything else you want me to do let me know. Finally,
anywhere I feel I need to make a comment, I will put it in { }.
{Front page}
SEUL Simple End User Linux {banner}
SEUL is a volunteer project to help create a Linux computing environment for
the average person. {header}
Recent News {text} {leave as is or leave blank}
Volunteer Work Available......SEUL Survey - Under Construction {leave as is}
You can subscribe to the seul-announce list to be informed of updates to this
site, project status reports, and other general info. It is a very low traffic
mailing list. {leave as is}
'subscribe/unsubscribe seul-announce'
  {The following pages should be similar to the front page. The layout is
 but the text needs to be completed.}
  {seul-advocacy page}
  SEUL Simple End User Linux {banner}
  seul-advocacy is a volunteer project to promote Linux advocacy and provide
 documentation services. {header}
  This group is for helping to make the general public aware of Linux and to
 help provide Linux documentation. {text}
  Volunteer Work Available.......seul-advocacy archive
  'subscribe/unsubscribe seul-advocacy'
  {seul-edu page}
  SEUL Simple End User Linux {banner}
  seul-edu is a volunteer project to promote the discussion of using Linux for
 education. {header}
  This group is for educators and developers working together to make Linux
 easier to integrate into schools.This discussion covers all aspects of
 educational uses of Linux, by teachers, parents, and students.In addition to
 the discussion, we are collecting resources that should enable the
 (with the help of interested volunteers) of various open source software that
 can make Linux more desireable to educators and parents interested in using
 Linux for their children's education. {text}
  Specific educational software projects we've talked about include: 
  Volunteer Work Available.......seul-edu archive
  'subscribe/unsubscribe seul-edu'
  {seul-distrib page}
  SEUL Simple End User Linux {banner}
  seul-distrib is a volunteer project to test, package and distribute Linux
 software. {header}
  This group is for devising means to test, document and make available Linux
 software especially for educational uses. {text}
  Volunteer Work Available.......seul-distrib archive
  'subscribe/unsubscribe seul-distrib'
  {seul-web page} 
  SEUL Simple End User Linux {banner}
  seul-web is a volunteer project to maintain and enhance the SEUL web site.
  This group is for website development discussion and planning. {text}
  Volunteer Work Available.......seul-web archive
  'subscribe/unsubscribe seul-web'
  {seul-hardware page}
  SEUL Simple End User Linux {banner}
  seul-hardware is a volunteer project to address a variety of hardware
  This group is for discussing ways of recycling old computers with Linux
 installed to those who cannot afford them. Here is a list of distributors. It
 also addresses a variety of hardware issues such as hardware driver
 availability. {text}
  Volunteer Work Available.......seul-hardware archive
  'subscribe/unsubscribe seul-hardware'
  {seul-research page}
  SEUL Simple End User Linux {banner}
  seul-research is a volunteer project to investigate leading edge
 pertinent to SEUL {header}
  linuxkb-list: A (currently closed) list of developers for the Linux
 Base project.
  linuxsr-list: A (currently closed) list of developers for the Linux Speech
 Recognition project. {text}
  linuxkb-list archive.........linuxsr-list archive
  'subscribe/unsubscribe seul-research'
 1999 The Year Of Linux
 Make It Happen