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SEUL: Thoughts

Here's something else I started.
The seul-edu Homepage should be laid out just like the SEUL Homepage. Even if
we can't do that immediately we should have the wording laid out to facilitate
it later.

First I think it would be better to not have the news on the Seul Homepage. I
realize it's a toss-up but I think we should replace the news section with an
'About SEUL' section. This section would contain something about each SEUL
group with a link to that group's homepage. Then to make the seul-edu Homepage
simular to the SEUL Homepage one would have:

seul-edu is a volunteer project ....

followed by an 'About seul-edu' which would describe the following project
status categories with a link to the project status page:

proposal stage
discussion stage
design stage
programming stage
testing stage
production stage

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