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SEUL: Re: Request for comments: seul logo

In message <w4ypv9t1ae3.fsf@vibrator.styx.net>, leo@styx.net writes:
>> Very catchy design.  Might I suggest somehow fitting the word "Linux" in
>> the logo somewhere?  Right now it looks like a logo for some world-wide
>> commercial conglomerate, certainly wouldn't want any confusion there.
>I have two problems in putting linux in it. First if we put linux we should 
>also put "Simple End User Linux", which doesn't quite have same same flow as 
>the logo does now. Second, if we implement that much text into the logo, it 
>would have to be quite small, and when skaled a bit it would quickly end up 

That's very reasonable. Good call.

>being a blured line. I'm also not sure that any large conglomerate would go 
>for this style, it quite young and hip, and we should be afraid of making 
>something which looks professional. The programing done in the linux community
>is of excelent quality and many times exceeds that of the commercial 
>I'd suggest that on main pages and places where a typical user would see the
>logo for the first time we should include the Simple End User Linux under the
>logo, but then it is used to symbolise the SEUL effort then we should leave the
>logo clean and simple.

Sounds good. I like the capitalization idea, at least for the L and possibly
for the other letters as well. It looks to me like the double-stripe idea looks
better than the single stripe idea.

I've uploaded (to incoming) several other suggestions that seul people have
come up with. I think for the most part I still prefer the simple design that
freehive came up with, but these should be interesting to look at, at the

seul-rob-1.gif was sent to me by Robert H OGwynn <robert.ogwynn@mciworldcom.com>
as an example of putting the 'simple end-user linux' in the logo. I think
the argument about scaling probably applies here, though?

seul-cbhiii-N.jpg where N is 1..5 are some designs that Chuck Huffman came
up with. 
seul-cbhiii-fonts.jpg is a graphic describing some fonts he considered.

These will probably show up on http://www.freehive.org/projects/seul/
relatively soon. Thanks, Leo.

The logos that I'm comparing to (I realized it was subconscious until
now :) are those at http://www.fokus.gmd.de/linux/linux-distrib.html
I see what you guys mean about simple being good.

And for those who are trying to make it mean something by seeing what
it sounds like, it's pronounced 'seul' -- like 'tool'.