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Re: SEUL: New links2.html doc

In message <c1583ac3.367fa9f9@aol.com>, eamorical@aol.com writes:
>I guess I was hoping people would view the above links page and similar things
>like the "Educational Software Page" as, "Here's the code" and add to it, make
>suggestions, etc. Unfortunately I am not seeing this. Also it appears we need

No, that's not how it works: "Here's the code" means "here is something that
you can make use of to solve your problem, I know it's not very good yet", not
"Look, I started, now you should help out because I've committed to doing

>to find more people to be in charge of these types of pages on the web site. I

Yep. They're around here somewhere. I haven't found a good way to contact
them yet.

>also feel each of the projects listed on the "seul-edu Projects Page" should
>have a project page giving an outline of the project for world review. I guess

As I understand it, Wil's posting webpages for each project as the project
leader posts sufficient information on the project. Those that don't have
project pages really aren't much more than their name.

>the bottom line is we need to find more interested people.

I'm going to put a reference to my linux-advocacy-post on the front page,
and see if it gets me any volunteers.