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Re: SEUL: New links2.html doc

EAMorical@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 12/22/98 2:02:39 AM EST, arma@mit.edu writes:
> << In message <199812212349.SAA26447@belegost.mit.edu>, arma@mit.edu writes:
> >>Yeah. I'm going to get the secondary links page up this evening, and
> >>then people can go through and suggest improvements. Bob sent me
> >>quite a few earlier, though unfortunately they weren't as many as I
> >>was hoping to end up with. It would be nice if somebody would volunteer
> >>to take over the html side of this? Anyway, I'll put up the page, then
> >>ask again.
> >>
> >> http://www.seul.org/what/links2.html
> > These are the links that Bob sent me earlier.
> >
> > I think what needs to be done is somebody should decide on a good
> > order for the categories (and fill in missing categories and remove
> > redundant categories), and merge the links in each relevant category.
> >
> > Anybody want to volunteer for this, or shall I just sort of leave it to
> > limp along as best it can?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > --Roger
>   >>
> I guess I was hoping people would view the above links page and similar things
> like the "Educational Software Page" as, "Here's the code" and add to it, make
> suggestions, etc. Unfortunately I am not seeing this. Also it appears we need
> to find more people to be in charge of these types of pages on the web site. I
> also feel each of the projects listed on the "seul-edu Projects Page" should
> have a project page giving an outline of the project for world review. I guess
> the bottom line is we need to find more interested people.

I know that Roger has already commented on your message above but I'll add my
$0.02 worth to the links page.  I find it a lot cleaner than the original version
but this has been gained at a loss of clarity of what the links actually link to
in some cases.  It would be worthwhile, IMO, to include at least a description at
the top of each section so that people know what they're getting into.  There are
some specific links that are probably not in the right location (slashdot is more
About Linux if anything since it is not purely a Linux site) and there could
probably be some additional information beside each of the links to tell people
what GNOME, for example, is about.

I haven't followed up all the links so I'm not sure why Debian appears under both
About Linux and Distribs.  In a more generic sense, it seems to me that a slightly
more hierarchical view would assist clarity of the links, with two top level
headings (About and Systems) and under them would come a second layer of headings
(for About, the next layer would be Free Software, Linux, Distribs, Advocacy,
Projects (?) and for Systems there would be GUI Software, Development Software,
Commercial Office Suites and Hardware (add other software and hardware headings as
needed, set up another hierarchical layer?)).  This proposal arises from the
observation that this page is presenting two types of links, information (for
either new users or those looking for some additional info) and products (GNOME,
KDE, etc).

All said, however, the new page is an improvement over the previous one.

Brian Wiens