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Re: SEUL: Simple web site improvement idea questions

In message <c33a85fc.367d551b@aol.com>, eamorical@aol.com writes:
>First let me state my opinion. I believe we are far beyond the point of
>wanting a quantity of things (we will soon be deluged). Instead we want to
>focus on the quality of things whether they be projects, links to other sites,

Yeah. I'm going to get the secondary links page up this evening, and
then people can go through and suggest improvements. Bob sent me
quite a few earlier, though unfortunately they weren't as many as I
was hoping to end up with. It would be nice if somebody would volunteer
to take over the html side of this? Anyway, I'll put up the page, then
ask again.

>Questions on the SEUL ToDo List:
>Commercial Advocacy Port HOWTO Isn't this finished.

Yes, but it could always use some more thoughts. :) Actually, I was going
to wait until it got accepted into the LDP, then post to seul-announce
about it and move it to the 'maintained' section of the todo. This should
be sometime in the next week or something, depending on whether people
have their act together.

>Ken Duck is listed with 3 items. Is he still involved. I haven't seen him
>around. I thought the Taskhelps were a great idea.

He's still around. He's not very active though. We (meaning not me :( need
to figure out a way to get the taskhelps more useful to the rest of the
Linux community. Getting gnome's help program to read them and like them
is a good way to do this. Or kde's.

>How is Project Independence related to SEUL. The reason I ask is that seul-edu
>is going to need to package and evaluate educational applications. This looks
>like an overlap to me.

Project Independence is moving very slowly these days. Their sole purpose
right now is to finish things up and get the first distrib out the door.
I'm helping with this when I can.
Maybe if the distrib is a success and they end up with more workers, they
can move back to evaluating new programs.
I'm going to become an rpm guru one of these days, simply because it looks
like I'm going to need to. So I'll be able to package things for seul-edu,
when the time comes.

>gEDA and Project Independence are mentioned for combining into the ToDo list.
>What about FreeHDL, WXftp and FreeCASE or should they be dropped.

Yeah, they should be combined too. I'm not sure I want to put their stuff 
onto the seul webpages, because their webpages are disconnected from ours.
This means that we should point to them, and let them maintain their own
todo list.
I once had dreams of having a massive todo list for all end-user-related
projects and products. This would need good organized software backing
it though. If somebody wants to maintain a ministry-of-truth database
and support it, I'd be happy to host this sort of thing. I suppose the
thing to do is contact the leaders of other similar projects (supposedly
we should have a list of them in our links.html page -- heh), and see
if any of them are interested in taking the initiative here.

>What about the stalled projects. Should they be dropped or are some of them
>potentially viable.

I like having the old projects on the list. It gives people an idea of what
we were working on in the past, and maybe one day somebody will want to
revive a project we've considered dead. They'll at least have someplace to
start from.

>Again I'm for cleaning out marginal stuff, since we are going to be deluged
>with high quality things. We need to focus on the things we really got going.

I look forward to the deluge, and will deal with it when it approaches. :)