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Re: SEUL: Simple web site improvement idea questions

First let me state my opinion. I believe we are far beyond the point of
wanting a quantity of things (we will soon be deluged). Instead we want to
focus on the quality of things whether they be projects, links to other sites,

Questions on the SEUL ToDo List:

Commercial Advocacy Port HOWTO Isn't this finished.

Ken Duck is listed with 3 items. Is he still involved. I haven't seen him
around. I thought the Taskhelps were a great idea.

How is Project Independence related to SEUL. The reason I ask is that seul-edu
is going to need to package and evaluate educational applications. This looks
like an overlap to me.

gEDA and Project Independence are mentioned for combining into the ToDo list.
What about FreeHDL, WXftp and FreeCASE or should they be dropped.

What about the stalled projects. Should they be dropped or are some of them
potentially viable.

Again I'm for cleaning out marginal stuff, since we are going to be deluged
with high quality things. We need to focus on the things we really got going.

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