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Re: SEUL: Simple web site improvement idea

Roger writes:
>check out www.seul.org/ and www.seul.org/whatsnew/ now.
>Should be better. Thanks for the suggestion.

Excellent, thanks Roger.

>Can somebody look at the seul-edu projects list, and 
>www.seul.org/what/todo.html, and figure out a good way to integrate
>them? should we come up with a list of specific todo's from seul-edu
>and put them on the seul todo list? should we put a reference from
>the todo list to a list of seul-edu todo's (this is more reasonable)?
>someday i should integrate the todo's of the gEDA project and project
>independence. maybe.

I would be happy to do it. I see SEUL ultimately doing a number of things in
addition to education. Advocacy is an example. Thus I see the web site
containing a seul home page, an education home page, an advocacy home page,
etc. To keep everything consistent, I see a seul todo list made up of a seul
specific todo list, an educational todo list, an advocacy todo list, etc. In
other words, we have matching items all the way down the line. As usual it's
easy to see these things graphically but hard to put them in a few words.
Basically I'm saying the same thing as Roger with a little more detail. Let me
try an outline:
SEUL TODO LIST (link from seul home page)
  seul specific todo list
  seul-edu todo list (link from seul-edu home page)
  seul-advocacy todo list (link from seul-advocacy home page)
  gEDA todo list (link from gEDA home page?) (starts to get into the idea of a
virtual web site)
  project independence todo list (link from project independence home page)
  etc. (as these todo lists become large enough, they will have there own
separate page with links from appropriate places)

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