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Re: SEUL: Simple web site improvement idea

In message <199812192140.QAA25540@csrlink.net>, dloss@csrlink.net writes:
>>>>EAMorical == EAMorical@aol.com wrote at Sat, 19 Dec 1998 14:03:31 -0400 :
>> Also add a news item about the new web pages for the
>>"list of pointers and wishes" and "seul-edu projects".

check out www.seul.org/ and www.seul.org/whatsnew/ now.
Should be better. Thanks for the suggestion.

>We should also announce those things on seul-announce; after all, that's what
> it's there for.  Roger, how many people are subscribed to seul-announce, and
> are any of them _not_ subscribed to most of our other lists?

[root@belegost lists]# wc -l seul-announce
    648 seul-announce

Most of them are subscribed only to this list.

On the other hand:

seul-announce.info reads:
|The goal of the SEUL (Simple End-User Linux) Project is to help Linux
|become an OS that the average home/office user can install and use.
|This list is *only* for the announcement of new completed tasks and
|similar administrative or technical announcements.  If you want to
|actually hear discussion about them or requests for assistance, you
|should subscribe to the seul-project list (send mail to
|seul-project-request@seul.org with a body of 'subscribe').
|A current todo list for the SEUL project can be found at
|If you want to subscribe to the list in charge of SEUL publicity and
|publications (basically, the part of SEUL that deals with Linux advocacy),
|send mail to seul-pub-request@seul.org with a body of 'subscribe').
|Our web site is at http://www.seul.org/, which is where you will find
|archives of this list as well.

This implies that it would be much nicer to post completed-project
reports than simply progress reports. I feel dumb when all they ever
see are progress reports, rather than announcements. I think most of the
people on seul-announce are happy just hearing about the really big
things. That's what the list was designed for.

Can somebody look at the seul-edu projects list, and 
www.seul.org/what/todo.html, and figure out a good way to integrate
them? should we come up with a list of specific todo's from seul-edu
and put them on the seul todo list? should we put a reference from
the todo list to a list of seul-edu todo's (this is more reasonable)?
someday i should integrate the todo's of the gEDA project and project
independence. maybe.