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SEUL: Re: Caldera

In message <3677C6E1.D24222CC@iname.com>, hilaire.fernandes@iname.com writes:
>> Can you send me more details about this (in personal mail)?
>And a confirmation from Netscape:
>>Thanks for your interest in Mozilla. Unfortunately, our agreement with
>Caldera forbids anyone but them from doing localized versions of our
>for the Linux platform. I understand this arrangement has been under
>but for now, I believe Linux must be excluded from the ULP's supported
>platforms. You may be able to contact Caldera directly to see if they
>interested in doing a French version.

Interesting. I looked at the faq you mention, and it implies
very strongly that it only applies to "Caldera Linux" (and not
Linux in general). But the response you got from Netscape
definitely implies otherwise. Was the response from netscape
"official", or is the guy who answered it confused?

Are there other groups out there that are interested in doing
localization efforts for netscape? what about other programs? (it doesn't
look like the caldera/netscape agreement applies to other programs..) I
have very little knowledge of this area.

I've cc'ed this to the seul-pub list, in case anybody else is interested
or has comments.