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SEUL: New links2.html doc

In message <199812212349.SAA26447@belegost.mit.edu>, arma@mit.edu writes:
>Yeah. I'm going to get the secondary links page up this evening, and
>then people can go through and suggest improvements. Bob sent me
>quite a few earlier, though unfortunately they weren't as many as I
>was hoping to end up with. It would be nice if somebody would volunteer
>to take over the html side of this? Anyway, I'll put up the page, then
>ask again.


These are the links that Bob sent me earlier.

I think what needs to be done is somebody should decide on a good
order for the categories (and fill in missing categories and remove
redundant categories), and merge the links in each relevant category.

Anybody want to volunteer for this, or shall I just sort of leave it to
limp along as best it can?