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Re: SEUL: Linux advocacy documents team?

Hi All,

I'm kinda new here so I will do a quick intro -

I am one of the co-ordinators of the computer bank project
(http://www.melbourne.net/kylie) in Australia. I study social
work (mature age part time student) at Victoria university of
Technology. I was first exposed to gnu/linux three or so years
ago - we now have a networked linux home!

I am always trying to promote the use of gnu/linux at every
opportunity I get (what can I say it is great in so many ways). 

Anyway thats probably enough from me for now...

On with my post - 

The document "Development, Ethical Trading and Free Software" by
Danny Yee may be of some use, it is particularly well written and
provides examples / case studies. You can read this document at -


(i didnt see it in the list)

Cheers and Merry Xmas

Kylie Davies
Project: Computer Bank