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Re: SEUL: announce text

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Roger Dingledine wrote:

> * In the announce, I claim that Independence is distributed
> under the GPL (jfm said this in an earlier text). Is this true?

anything that we write is GPL'd. The software itself is licensed in
several different ways. Better to be more precise than say it's
"distributed under the GPL" and everything in the "official distribution"
is freely redistributable.  

> * I'd like to claim that it's "compatible" with SuSE and Caldera.
> (After all, they use rpm's too...) Will this be true? (I know it
> should be in theory, but...)

hmmm... Caldera is still libc5 based. 

Our software *should* work with SuSE ... at least the glibc stuff should.
C++ programs (KDE for example) , I don't know as there are C++
compatibiility issues 

I am uneasy about using the word "compatible" without saying what it means

About the website: I'd like to but I am flat out. I will try and do
something ... over the next few days.


-- Donovan Rebbechi