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SEUL: announce text

I've written an initial draft of the announce text for
Project Independence's first version:


Please go there and take a look at it. Jfm is dealing with
the distribution aspect itself -- does somebody want to
volunteer to spiffy up (and update) the website, so he
doesn't have to deal with that too? Timeframe: we will announce
sometime between tomorrow and Monday.

Several questions:

* In the announce, I claim that Independence is distributed
under the GPL (jfm said this in an earlier text). Is this true?
What about those programs (like qt) which aren't? Doesn't saying
it's distributed under the gpl imply that those programs that it
contains are also gpl'ed?

* I'd like to claim that it's "compatible" with SuSE and Caldera.
(After all, they use rpm's too...) Will this be true? (I know it
should be in theory, but...)

Thanks. Please send me some feedback on the announce (even small