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Re: Interesting real audio program on CNET...

Ryan Robinson wrote:
> Hey all, I came across this the other day.
> http://www.news.com/Radio/Features/0,155,205,00.html
> Its a radio program called "Project Heresy" and its aim is to determine
> whether or not "it is possible to run an Intel box without *any*
> microsoft on it," which I guess is right up our alley.  In fact, SEUL is
> even mentioned in the October 29th program.  Enjoy.  :)

Yeah, the show is well worth keeping track of.  I've been in occasional
email contact with Dan Shafer in attempts to show SEUL in favorable
light and to project a tone of reasonable level-headedness from our
corner of the Linux community.  You can read and contribute to comments
on their website by going to <http://buzz.builder.com>, logging in, and
going to, "Project Heresy--The Great Linux Experiment."

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