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Survey report: People who challenge Bill Gates (fwd)

I just got this this morning, and haven't had a chance to look at it yet.  Take a look and
let us know what you think.
Hi, everyone:

Thanks for participating in WebCMO "Online Linux Community Study" survey.

The survey is closed. Please read the summary report: "People who challenge Bill Gates" at
http://www.WebCMO.com/linux/linux.htm. We will inform you when the full survey report is

We have created a new web page: Open Linux Marketing to support Open Linux ideology. Please
continue to support our Linux marketing research survey: Competitive analysis: Linux vs. MS
software.  Thanks!

Some of you may wonder: why do you conduct such Linux surveys? Our answer is: to scratch our

Best regards,

Tim Lee
Director of Research
A site dedicated to web marketing research.

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