The SEUL Project has several mailing lists active, and there are a number of other lists that are related. This is a repository for all of them.

Recently SEUL discussion has begun to focus more on non-technical aspects such as Linux publicity and advocacy. Consequently, most of the threads were moved to lists like seul-pub and away from the seul-dev lists. I have divided the lists into "Active" and "Inactive" below. Note that the Inactive lists still have a lot of good reading in their archives.


  • seul-announce: Announcement-only list for new projects, products, etc.
  • seul-pub: SEUL Publications group. This group is in charge of the website, as well as all other external interfaces to the group. Advocacy work falls under this group, as does vendor-relations, and general publications development.
  • seul-pub-www: SEUL Website group. This group is for website development discussion and planning.
  • seul-edu: Discussion by a group of educators and developers working together to make Linux easier to integrate into schools.
  • seul-sci: Discussion by a group of researchers and developers working together to make Linux easier to integrate into scientific research contexts.
  • seul-commits: All commits to the SEUL CVS repository are logged to this list. Used mostly for website mirrors, but can be used by anyone wishing to keep their working copy up to date or just watch development progress.
  • independence-l: the list for Project Independence, a project devoted to building an end-user-friendly Linux distribution.
  • freecase-devel: the list for the FreeCASE Project, a project working on Computer Aided Software Engineering tools for Linux.
  • computerbank: the list for the ComputerBank Project, a project to collect old hardware in Australia and distribute it (running Linux, of course) to people who otherwise couldn't afford it.
  • linuxgames: the list for the Linux Game Development Center (LGDC).
  • penguinplay: the list for the Penguinplay Project, the "library development group" of the LGDC.
  • gdiscuss: The list for the GDIS molecular viewer program.
  • gbib-dev: The list for the gBib BibTeX browswer program.

Active Lists

Inactive Lists

You can subscribe to any of the lists from this page by simply choosing the list to subscribe to, entering your valid e-mail address, and clicking subscribe.


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