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Big changes to site :)

Hi all,

The main computerbank project webpages (and the CBV pages) have undergone
significant changes. I'm still converting the news archives into the new
format. (be a few days yet) 

Mostly - you'll notice that the content has changed somewhat. It now
reflects the ideas of the project - that is to establish computerbank like
entities across Australia.  

CBV auspices the Computerbank project - and would eventually like to be
able to support the establishment of non-victorian rural nodes of
Computerbank. We are currently seeking legal advice about this. (ie: what
is required).

It seems that there has been significant interest from individuals who
dont necessarily live near capital city branches or associations. We'd
like to see these people able to contribute as well as spread the benefits
of free software in their own rural communities. 

I have a few people who are helping to make the computerbank project site
interactive, however, before this can be done, a new HDD for linux aus is
required. We are looking for a generous donation here - a > 2 gig narrow
SCSI with 3 1/2" drive. If you know someone that can help, please point
them to Linux Australia. 



ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/