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Re: Big changes to site :)

Hi Kylie and all,

I've been watching the changes to COMPUTERBANK (AUSTRALIA) INC.'s site with
real interest, are we able to use the name I've put in caps as ours?

I appreciate how well you tie up loose ends Kylie but the need is surely
for us all to simply get on with each other, interstate and country, so
that no legal issues which might arise prevent us cooperating well for the
greater good?

I have contacts Australia-wide, can we start to crank up the idea of
Computerbank *all-over*? For instance, I think I might have someone in
Junee who would help the Riverina effort.

Regards, Bruce

At 13:58 4/04/00 +1000, Kylie Davies wrote:
>The main computerbank project webpages (and the CBV pages) have undergone
>significant changes.....

ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/