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RE: [Computerbank] Clayton Utz - do we have issues?

Hi all,

I do agree with you Romana, but:

1) Lawyers are Lawyers are Lawyers. 

2) The "other" law firm in that case was "Slater & Gordon" - well known for
dirtying the water.

3) From todays age:
"Brian Wilson, a senior partner in legal firm Clayton Utz, said yesterday
that he had been given no chance to deny the findings. He said he had been
denied natural justice and treated unfairly."

Personally, I'm less comfortable about seeking direct sponsorship from oil
companies (then worrying about other business of a legal firm that does pro
bono work for us.



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Dear all,

This email, I must stress, is being written by me as a member of
Australia, not as SA Branch Cooordinator, and reflects noone's views but my 

I dont know how aware of recent news events everyone is, but I am disturbed 
by the revelation that Clayton Utz, the legal firm, is a seemingly rabid 
supporter of tobacco companies, with apparently no conscience.

Now, I am unsure if the Clayton Utz legal company in this case is the same 
Clayton Utz we have doing legal advice for Computerbank - it seems likely, 
given the name, but I am open to correction:) If it isnt, please ignore the 
rest of my email, and apologies for wasting electrons - please recycle them 
However, if it is so:

Regardless of whether they connived in the destruction of documents to 
prevent a woman with lung cancer winning her lawsuit against a majot tobacco

company, even regardless of whether they investigated her personal life in
effort to discredit her personally, they represent tobacco companies - not 
exactly what anyone, in even the most charitable frame of mind, could call 
ethical or moral companies.

I have real issues with being associated in anyway with such a company. 
Expedience of their legal advice being provided for free or reduced rates 
does not make it acceptable to me. Surely there are other, more ethical
firms we could be associating ourselves with! We should not be one of their 
small concessions to conscience, so we can be held up as an example of just 
how 'community minded' they are:)

Romana Challans
Computerbank Australia  Incorporated -  SA branch coordinator

"Between the idea and the reality,
Between the motion and the act,
Falls the Shadow..."
(TS Eliot)

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