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Re: [Computerbank] Clayton Utz - do we have issues?

Q...Whats the differance between a can of worm and a room full of Lawyers?

A...Nothing!.........both full of bent slippery things.

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Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 10:30 AM
Subject: RE: [Computerbank] Clayton Utz - do we have issues?

> Hi all,
> I do agree with you Romana, but:
> 1) Lawyers are Lawyers are Lawyers.
> 2) The "other" law firm in that case was "Slater & Gordon" - well known
> dirtying the water.
> 3) From todays age:
> http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2002/04/14/1018333455853.html
> "Brian Wilson, a senior partner in legal firm Clayton Utz, said yesterday
> that he had been given no chance to deny the findings. He said he had been
> denied natural justice and treated unfairly."
> Personally, I'm less comfortable about seeking direct sponsorship from oil
> companies (then worrying about other business of a legal firm that does
> bono work for us.
> Cheers
> Tim
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> From: Romana Challans [mailto:romana@timelady.com]
> Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 8:52 AM
> To: Computerbank Australia Inc
> Subject: [Computerbank] Clayton Utz - do we have issues?
> Dear all,
> This email, I must stress, is being written by me as a member of
> Computerbank
> Australia, not as SA Branch Cooordinator, and reflects noone's views but
> own.
> I dont know how aware of recent news events everyone is, but I am
> by the revelation that Clayton Utz, the legal firm, is a seemingly rabid
> supporter of tobacco companies, with apparently no conscience.
> Now, I am unsure if the Clayton Utz legal company in this case is the same
> Clayton Utz we have doing legal advice for Computerbank - it seems likely,
> given the name, but I am open to correction:) If it isnt, please ignore
> rest of my email, and apologies for wasting electrons - please recycle
> instantly!
> However, if it is so:
> Regardless of whether they connived in the destruction of documents to
> prevent a woman with lung cancer winning her lawsuit against a majot
> company, even regardless of whether they investigated her personal life in
> an
> effort to discredit her personally, they represent tobacco companies - not
> exactly what anyone, in even the most charitable frame of mind, could call
> ethical or moral companies.
> I have real issues with being associated in anyway with such a company.
> Expedience of their legal advice being provided for free or reduced rates
> does not make it acceptable to me. Surely there are other, more ethical
> legal
> firms we could be associating ourselves with! We should not be one of
> small concessions to conscience, so we can be held up as an example of
> how 'community minded' they are:)
> Romana:)
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> Romana Challans
> Computerbank Australia  Incorporated -  SA branch coordinator
> http://www.linunix.com/cbsa/
> "Between the idea and the reality,
> Between the motion and the act,
> Falls the Shadow..."
> (TS Eliot)
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