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[Computerbank] Re: [CAI-committee] concerns re ethical lawyers etc

Yep Romana,

I was going to say what about taking funds from a government that 
purports to be doing the right thing when it comes to refuges? Or lies 
blatantly to get brownie points at election time?

The truth of the matter is that we do need to take stuff from somewhere 
- and it is what we do with the stuff we take and make into something a 
little special - ala the workings of Computerbank.

We can find a balance, one where if we do have strong objections to 
working with a company or gov department we dont do it - but at the same 
time we need to be able to justify why? In this way we not only say NO 
to bad company X - but we let them know what it is that we think is 
wrong with their approach to making money.

If we took a completely radical approach (we wont work with any company 
that does bad stuff) our pool of resources quickly dwindles because most 
of the big companies all do bad stuff in one way or another.

Eg: banks are downsizing (while a corp aust gov dept helps out), Gov 
departments all over are chopping down our forests for woodchips and 
using casino money to fund community development programs. There is talk 
that needed services like health and education are going to be cut back 
in order to increase defence of terrorism and national security...it is 
all bad do you think we should just pack our bags and go home! (those of 
us who can?). ? ;)

My answer, no, lets build something that stands as a testament to doing 
things differently to solve social justice issues and create a more 
socially just place to live...and if we can - yeah - lets build more 
ethics into it and let people know about it. :)

Kind Regards,


Kylie Davies
Executive Officer
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