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[Computerbank] Vic National Gallery One Of Australia's PC Exporters

The National Gallery of Victoria has become one of Australia's few local PC 
exporters - although it's only shipping a small batch and not charging the 

The 44 older PCs are being donated to community group centres in East 
Timor. The programme is being jointly arranged with the East Timor 
Community Computer Project.

"For many Australian workplaces, such as the National Gallery, these 
computer models are regarded as redundant and of little use, yet for the 
people of East Timor, these computers will be their first step into the 
information age," said the gallery's IT manager Leon Sayers, who is 
encouraging other businesses to support similar projects.

Web: http://www.etccp.org.au/

 From The Update - 14th April 2002
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I was wondering whether the IT manager was referring to "similar projects" 
as in exporting to East Timor or refurbishing donated hardware and 
installing Linux type projects ?

All the best

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