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[Computerbank] concerns re ethical lawyers etc

hey guys,

i imagine those on the CAI main emailing list have seen my concerns re 
clayton utz's recentalleged behaviour, and the undeniable fact that they 
represent tobacco companies, a particularly nasty group imho:)

we currently have no policy on the ethical dealings of donators and groups we 
work with.

hell, i can see this being a can of worms - i mean, lets not even start on 
the ethics of the current federal gvt...yet we do work for the dole 
(distinction between the government and the party being necessary here i 

we accept donations from drug multinationals and from oil companies, as tim 
rightly pointed out. is this the same as getting all our legal advice from  
lawyers representing tobacco multinationals?

is the issue with clayton utz who they represent, or perhaps (if they are 
found guilty of the recently alleged appalling behaviour) the way they do 

even more questions, and its only monday:)

as kylie suggested, can we table this for our upcoming meeting?

Romana Challans
Computerbank Australia  Incorporated -  SA branch coordinator

"Between the idea and the reality,
Between the motion and the act,
Falls the Shadow..."
(TS Eliot)

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