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[Computerbank] RE: Preinstalled Windows: AARGH! I can't get it off!

Does kind of beg the question:

What exactly defines the "hardware" as THE hardware?

The CPU?  
The Harddisk?
The motherboard?
The case?

Does this mean if I upgrade the CPU I'm no longer licensed?  If I use the 
CPU in another machine is it licensed or not?

What if I change the MB or Harddisk?  Heck, what if I change the case that 
the little evil "windows license tag" is attached to?

What if in fact I install a second harddrive and put linux on that?  

What if I attach a case badge that says "Linux Inside"?  The hardware 
changes, is that an issue????

If I buy a computer without a license (a Naked PC Rated R) and then glue the 
P133 from a machine that was licensed for Windows onto the top of the case, 
is it licensed?  Or is it now just a hedgehog?

Personally, I think Microsoft owe me.  I had countless days of my life 
wasted by their crap (not as many days as some poor people, but enough
all the same).


On Wed, 1 May 2002, Michael T. Cheshire wrote:

> I think you'll find what that is supposed to mean is that if you buy a PC with Windowz then the licence for Windowz must stay with the PC for life ie it cannot be transfered to another machine(s). I beleive they are saying this in the context that a donated PC should have a Windows licence as the pc was most likely sold with Windows. This doesnt mean you cant wipe the PCs and put Linux on - you'd just have a windows licence attatched to that PC which was not being used and could not be transfered.
> M.
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> http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/4/25085.html
> If a PC shipped with Windows preinstalled, can you remove the OS and install 
> Linux instead? Well, no, according to Microsoft. A somewhat obscure Microsoft 
> site aimed at helping schools deal with donated computers flatly states: "It 
> is a legal requirement that pre-installed operating systems remain with a 
> machine for the life of the machine." 
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> the implications of this are, well, scary!
> if anyone can't get the rest of the article, let me know, i'll post it...
> romana:)
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