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[Computerbank] getting us a guernsey on New Connections

All the things to be done for Computerbank! How can it all be done?

We don't just need techos and such either...

Like ... who will get us mentioned on other sites like this New Connections
one, see below? And ... who will arrange for some Computerbank T-shirts?
And ... who makes sure we apply for every possible grant going? And .......
you get my drift?

What am I doing? I'm promoting Computerbank Australia-wide, have been for
sometime. Which reminds me ... we need someone who has ideas about
transport, knows it nationally. Particularly how we can arrange delivery of
donated computers Australia-wide ... including to remote Aboriginal
settlements like Yuendumu. 

They tell me they also need experienced storemen and packers and
deliverymen (persons)..


See http://www.newconnections.gov.au -- should we be mentioned on it? If
so, who knows someone who'd love to arrange it?

New Connections is a website providing regional stakeholders and the
general public with one-stop access to information on regional
communications. Content covers commercial services, government projects,
funding programs and policies, and consumer issues that relate to, or aim
to benefit, regional and rural communities. Key features of the site
include a powerful search facility, the ability for stakeholders to make
contributions and a mapping function to assist users to identify
contributions relevant to their region or state/territory. The recently
published New Connections Toolkit is also featured on the website.

How can I become involved in New Connections?

Participation by all individuals and organisations with an interest in
regional communications is very welcome. By becoming a registered user of
the site you can establish a link to your information by adding to the
resources in the online directory.

Further Information Contact:

Call the New Connections Help Line on 1800 88 34 88 or visit    



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