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Re: web page updated


I have just updated the web page and if anyone can take a look and tell me what they think
i would appreciate it. I would also appreciate suggestions re: things to include / changes
to wordings etc.

Anyone else want to help with maintaining pages?

I am thinking that maybe this page could be relocated to a more appropriate place - any
suggestions offers to host?

As you can all probably tell I am still on HTML - Learner plates.

I am trying to enlist some more of the hand holding types that Ken has mentioned we may be
short on. Places I will try include Melbourne Uni Student Union, Other universities,
Social Work Schools, Community Organisations etc. If anybody can think of a group who
might be interested  - let us know. 

If anybody is interested in raising Publicity for this project (re: higher level supports,
enlisting volunteers) or - again let us know.