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I subscribed to the list last night. For you it would be yesterday morning. I
wanted to get a feel for what's going on. I am working on SEUL projects among
other things. I am the one who saw ComputerBank mentioned in an article and
finally got in touch. Six years ago I came across the Free Software Foundation
and have been thinking about it ever since. One of my thoughts was about
refurbishing old computers. However it was somewhat different than yours, so I
thought I would share it. In my plan computers would be refurbished in
conjunction with teaching computer repair and distributed for both school and
home use. In addition the software would also be developed in the school
system. It is my belief that this is where the best chance to succeed lies.
Anyway this brought about my involvement in the SEUL educational project. I
realize this is not directly connected to the way you are proceeding but I
wanted to let you know my thinking. Hopefully as I learn more I can make some
useful suggestions. Finally concerning web sites, I just learned of an
organization that is trying to help groups with their web site design. For
ideas you might check out (http://www.freehive.org). All for now, I'll keep in

1999 The Year Of Linux
Make It Happen

Bob Hopcroft