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Re: Introduction

Hi Bob,

>refurbishing old computers. However it was somewhat different than yours, so 
>thought I would share it. In my plan computers would be refurbished in
>conjunction with teaching computer repair and distributed for both school and
>home use. In addition the software would also be developed in the school

Great minds think alike. A few months ago two of us (Grahame and I)
also came up with a scheme to set up a community computer training
scheme involving the refurbishment of and installation of software on
old computers. However we did not get the committment of the body we
were canvassing. It's worth keeping it in mind if we get the chance to
propose this again. At the moment any avenue that allows us to proceed
with the mission of helping the disadvantaged is good. I can email you
my posting with our proposal document if you like, as there is no archive
yet for this mailing list.

	Cheers, Ken