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Re: Thoughts

Just a couple of thoughts since last night. Since I tend to fill posts with
URLs, I thought I'd mention that one can go to the archive and view the post
there and just click on the url. In the previous post I put the url of a post
by Mark Harvey. He states "Pointers on other projects, uses of computers etc
most welcome".  You could contact him and find out his interests. I read
through the computerbank archives this morning and again I'm left with the
feeling of this lack of prior examples. I've helped put together proposals for
a major corporation. They have pages listing their experience and similar work
they have done. They also list similar work others have done to make the case
that what's being proposed is doable. You might consider putting together a
set of talking points that can be used as a guide when contacting businesses
etc. Make a list of who will be involved in the project and their prior
experience. Basically a computerbank resume. Also a list of similar things
others have done to demonstrate feasibility. One is always faced with the
Linux problem, namely lack of applications. However you could point to what is
available and to the many things in progress. Also I should have given you the
URL of the free encyclopedia project archives

1999 The Year Of Linux
Make It Happen

Bob Hopcroft