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Re: possible documentation, etc...

Sam Reid wrote :
> Although I haven't sen the actual 'pocketbook' itself I have followed the
> discussion on the apcmag.com web site. They seem pretty serious about it. 
> The really great opportunity suggested by your mail though is to get apc
> on side... that would be about the widest publicity we could hope to get
> in Australia in the computing community outside our internet efforts.
> Does anyone have any contact names within apc?

Travis Simon frequently turns up at Slug meetings. I understand he was
involved in the pocketbook you speak of.

I'd anticipate we would get at least a little support from APC. Whether
it be a short report in "news items" or an article or an editorial would
remain to be seen. Getting them on side would be even better.

John August

"I'm a postmodernist and I vote."

- Linden Salter-Duke