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Re: a suggestion

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Kylie Davies wrote:

> In this case however it could be that
> the organisation who referred the client (person) to us (internet
> use identified as being beneficial) also gets computers -
> (internet access). The organisation could act as a dial up
> internet access point for the people with computers. (if we
> provide them with a network and a mini server).

I think you'll find it ends up being a lot more cost effective having an
ISP provide this service.  Sure the actual costs are low but the support
for a number of phone lines coming into a Linux box would be much larger
than just installing a server at the organisation.

You could always try ISPs like Telstra who are always into a bit of
positive PR.  We've had some success here in Sydney getting costs-only (ie
bandwidth charges which they have to pay upstream anyway) permanent
connections for community groups.

> At the moment Dave is preparing a draft of the documents required
> for association. I'd expect the christmas period sees everyone a
> little rushed off their feet! 

And then some!  10:30pm and I only just got home from work. <sheesh>  Oh
well, once it's all done I'm on holidays.


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