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Re: a suggestion


Good to see you and others joining the list!

>I see public places with many computers as a better option >than some families with one computer. Also, it would be a >lot easier to get an ISP to give access to an charitable >organisation than to an individual family.

In some instances a computer with internet access for individual
use is quite beneficial. An example is a chronically ill or
disabled person (or an isolated one)...they may not be able to go
anywhere to use a computer. In this case however it could be that
the organisation who referred the client (person) to us (internet
use identified as being beneficial) also gets computers -
(internet access). The organisation could act as a dial up
internet access point for the people with computers. (if we
provide them with a network and a mini server).

At the moment Dave is preparing a draft of the documents required
for association. I'd expect the christmas period sees everyone a
little rushed off their feet! 

Anyway today we got some good publicity on some major linux news
sites. I have recieved many emails and am sorting through them at
the moment. 

....back to my email....

Merry Xmas