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a suggestion

It's 24 Dec 98  04:21:30,
We'll return to beckster@warehouse.net and All's
discussion of a suggestion

 be> In some instances a computer with internet access for individual
 be> use is quite beneficial. An example is a chronically ill or
 be> disabled person (or an isolated one)...they may not be able to go
 be> anywhere to use a computer. In this case however it could be that
 be> the organisation who referred the client (person) to us (internet
 be> use identified as being beneficial) also gets computers -
 be> (internet access). The organisation could act as a dial up
 be> internet access point for the people with computers. (if we
 be> provide them with a network and a mini server).

I think the deployment of compters needs to be varied.  In some cases,
individuals would warrant a PC of their own, such as:

Mobility impaired
Chronically ill
Those with a disability that interferes with social function.

While public venues (like "cyber drop in centres") would suit others who
are disadvantaged, but could do with the social interaction, as well as
the digital access.  This would be a suitable option for those
"temporarily disadvanged", such as the unemployed.

While on the subject of unemployed, perhaps those unemployed who are
considering a switch to a computer career might be able to work in such
a centre.. Maybe try and hook into the "work for the dole" scheme?

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