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a suggestion

Hello everyone,

Found a link to computer bank from slashdot.org and have recently joined
the list.

The idea of a computer bank is a commendable one, but my questions is,
where should the computers be going?, to individual families, or to
public places like Youth Clubs, Old Folks homes, etc. I would say
schools but they are covered by the government rollout at the moment.

I see public places with many computers as a better option than some
families with one computer. Also, it would be a lot easier to get an ISP
to give access to an charitable organisation than to an individual

Computer bank could do what Linux France is doing and supply admin and
setup to places like these if they are using Linux.

This has probably already been mentioned, I have only skimmed the
archives. Hope this really takes off.


Nathan Dietsch
I use UNIX because reboots are for hardware upgrades.