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[Fwd: a suggestion]

It's 24 Dec 98  17:46:55,
We'll return to gmkelly@zipper.zip.com.au and All's
discussion of [Fwd: a suggestion]

 gm> So, in answer to the original posting, Yes we need to get
 gm> our youth trained, even Federal Gov and Industry complains
 gm> that there are not enought computer knowledgable people
 gm> around to be gainfully employeed, as least we could utilise
 gm> our skills to get our young people over the first barrier.

Just to shine a beacon of hope, I'm now employed full time.  One of the
factors that went in my favour was that I'd spent 2 years at the time
tinkering with an APANA node (running Linux, of course :) ).

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