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Re: [Fwd: a suggestion]

Hi All,

I have been lurking on the List for a while without saying much,
~(:>-) but I have been discussing several options with Ken Yap
on this exact subject.

Ref: getting youth trained on Computers was and has been a
issue I have (and others) been greatly interested in. In early
98 I approached a number of local (Sydney) charities to see
if they would be interested in running a "PC refurbishment"
centre, where our youth strip, clean. rebuilt and install computer
systems for needy clients. Unfortunately, no one wanted to 
take it up (even for no pay arrangements - I had proposed 
that the "reward" be a certification of sorts, a number of
inhouse training courses, experience and finally on completion
a reference).

I have dealings with TAFE and TAD (Technical Aid for the
Disabled) and I am hoping in the new year to make some
overall arrangement with these two organisations to the
benefit of all parties (Our youth, TAD, TAFE and Linux).

So, in answer to the original posting, Yes we need to get
our youth trained, even Federal Gov and Industry complains
that there are not enought computer knowledgable people
around to be gainfully employeed, as least we could utilise
our skills to get our young people over the first barrier.

Cheers Grahame.