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Re: Distribution to use

On 28 Dec, Bek Oberin wrote:

> - With regards to foreign language support, the FAQ notes this:
>    * Support for French-, German-, Italian- and Spanish-language manual
>      pages is provided through the manpages-fr, manpages-de,
>      manpages-it and manpages-es packages. To access an NLS manual
>      page, the user must set LC_MESSAGES to the appropriate string. In
>      the case of the German-language manual pages, LC_MESSAGES must be
>      set to 'de_DE'. The man program will then search for German
>      manual pages under /usr/man/de_DE/.
>   ... which would be useful for at least -some- LOTE users.
>   Unfortunately no asian languages though, so it's not -as- useful
>   around Australia.

The Japanese are very big Debian users. To the extent that they produce
their own Debian distribution. They most certainly will have Debian
Documentation, (not just man pages) in Japanese, and possibly they'll
do it for other asian countries as well.

> - As far as I know, it'd be fairly simple for us to make up a
>   customized Debian install set that includes only the .deb files we
>   want, and also our additional specific documentation, menus, etc.

Yep, this would be pretty straightforward.

>   We could then get this burned onto CD-ROMs so people installing on
>   systems would basically only have to "press enter" to install.
>   Putting together the .debs for some menus, specific documentation
>   etc., is something I could usefully do.  I can also get CD-ROMs
>   burned (as long as it's not too many!) for just the cost of the CD
>   itself.

Additionally, there are a large number of Australian Debian package
mainatiners who I'm sure would be happy to contribute some
effort/energy toward the project if they were invited to do so.


terry@albert.aapra.org.au, terry@linux.org.au