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Distribution to use

(I'll do the intro bit in a sec)

Kylie mentioned she was thinking of using Debian as a distribution...
additional thoughts on that:

- Debian's an all-volunteer distribution.  This appeals to me for
  "philosophical" reasons, it seems to 'fit' with our philosophy here.

- With regards to foreign language support, the FAQ notes this:
   * Support for French-, German-, Italian- and Spanish-language manual
     pages is provided through the manpages-fr, manpages-de,
     manpages-it and manpages-es packages. To access an NLS manual
     page, the user must set LC_MESSAGES to the appropriate string. In
     the case of the German-language manual pages, LC_MESSAGES must be
     set to 'de_DE'. The man program will then search for German
     manual pages under /usr/man/de_DE/.
  ... which would be useful for at least -some- LOTE users.
  Unfortunately no asian languages though, so it's not -as- useful
  around Australia.

- As far as I know, it'd be fairly simple for us to make up a
  customized Debian install set that includes only the .deb files we
  want, and also our additional specific documentation, menus, etc.
  We could then get this burned onto CD-ROMs so people installing on
  systems would basically only have to "press enter" to install.
  Putting together the .debs for some menus, specific documentation
  etc., is something I could usefully do.  I can also get CD-ROMs
  burned (as long as it's not too many!) for just the cost of the CD

That's all code for "I like it, yes."


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