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Re: a suggestion

Hi Ken (Nathan),

> It's a tricky question isn't it? Grahame and I originally proposed to
> delegate this problem to the organisations we support, let them set
> the criteria. I still think this is the best way to go. If we get all
> tied up in decisions of Solomon, and forget that our primary goal is to
> promote the diffusion of OSS for social good, using our technical skills,
> then we risk distraction.

I think that we discussed this point in the IRC meeting...it
would be time consuming for us to do eligibility tests for each
individual case. Certainly we would have to provide user support
and training (etc) for computer recipients. 

I think it is best to delegate the eligibilty issue to other
social service organisations / community groups / schools. Eg: we
ask them to think of how many people they might know who would
benefit (and could not otherwise afford a computer). This would
be dependent on the number of systems we can successfully put
together given the amount of donations. We can also look at other
ways for deciding if necessary.

> Anyway a friend and I are going to refurbish a computer after Christmas
> and give it to a family he teaches in the home tutor program. So that's
> our first arbitrary decsision.

That is great Ken! And is certainly a step in the right
direction. Are you providing user training ? 

Nathan - the computerbank is currently working to write it's
articles of association. When the draft is ready it will be
posted to the list for comment. I am not too sure how long this
will take. We had an IRC meeting about 2 or so weeks ago to
discuss this, if you like I can forward you (or anyone else) a
copy of the log.


Kylie Davies