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Re: a suggestion

>It's a tricky question isn't it? Grahame and I originally proposed to
>delegate this problem to the organisations we support, let them set
>the criteria. I still think this is the best way to go. If we get all
>tied up in decisions of Solomon, and forget that our primary goal is 
>to promote the diffusion of OSS for social good, using our technical 
>skills, then we risk distraction.

Do both if it's possible... all I was suggesting was that we focus on 
gettnig computers into people's homes and, also into some other 
organisations as well (like libraries or lower-income schools 

both of these has value, however I think a greater good is served if we 
can get as many computers as possible into people's hands...

>Also I'd prefer an approach where we don't ration things until it 
>becomes necessary. I'd love to use up the backlog of equipment 
>promised. But also bearing in mind that we are not Freecomputers 

Give them to the people who need them most until you run out.

>Then again, the hardware platforms we envisage are >probably not in 
high demand.


>Schools and libraries are a different case. They have decision bodies
>and such and are often wary of change. One school I know wanted to buy 
their own servers; they had the money; but the Department said they had 
to use such and such a NOS.

yair, I know... to many pointy haired people floating around in 
government departments... I think you have to be able to burst balloons 
with your hairstyle before you're allowed into some gov departments... 

>Anyway a friend and I are going to refurbish a computer after 
>Christmas and give it to a family he teaches in the home tutor 
>program. So that's our first arbitrary decsision.

Go for it... a social good is served!!!

Basically, my ethic with this kind of thing is:

Do what you can, and don't worry about what you can't do.

Ok, is that $0.04 I'm up to now??


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