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Re: a suggestion

>Computer literacy will empower the nation's people. Without it, people 
will fall behind. Regarding using Linux to teach admin skills, I refer 
you to the article by professor vermeer.

I absolutely couldn't agree more (I'd actually seen that article before 
- but it's an excellent piece)....

BTW, Sys Admin stuff was just an example - there is just _so much_ work 
available that someone with a Linux box and a net connection has the 
opportunity to learn...

Personally, I'd love to see a few more code hackers out there - now 
there's another skill that is readily learnable with a linux box and an 
internet connection...  

All they'd need is a few pointers to get thme going, and the time and 
brains to figure it out, and I could see a few gun hackers coming out of 
this... ;-)

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