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Re: a suggestion

>computer, fairness of distribution would be an issue. One 
>disadvantaged family gets a computer another doesn't, it lacks 
>equity. In individual cases such as the disabled as was pointed out, 
>the idea of giving PCs to homes is an excellent idea.

I see no injustice in going into an area of need fully knowing you will 
not be able to solve the complete problem.  Better to give some 
computers out than none at all.

Ok so one family gets one, and another misses out... so what?  One 
family got a computer they would not have otherwise had.  That's a 
potential social benefit that might not otherwise have occured.

>Another question, how does one qualify for a computer? ie what are >the 
critereon, or is it open to whomever applies?


I would say (generally) by referral, than by application. Although I 
would not entirely discount application, however if you apply, I would 
have some kind of assessment.  ie. Is your income < $30,000 or somesuch.  
Or alternatively give some loading in terms of number of children.

That is - as a base income level under which a person is elligible, 
start at say if you earn less than $25,000p/a with one child, then you 
cna have one, and increase the amount you earn by say $5000 per child?? 
so that if a family has 2 children, then if they are earning < 
$30,000p/a they become elligible.

In broad principle, I would target the lower income families first, and 
if we find that we have an excess, then increase the income test until 
we get rid of the machines.

Bearing in mind that this is intended to get as many computers out there 
as possible - first to those who _definitely_ can't afford it, then to 
those who would find it hard, and lastly to those who probably could 
afford it if they tried... (however I suspect you'll run out of 
computers before you get to that stage) ;-)

Maybe we can tie in with School Councilors or school social workers, or 
somesuch - kids identified as "disadvantaged", are then targeted for the 
program and referred to us by various organisations..?.

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