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Re: a suggestion

>I agree about having a computer at home. I also think it is much better.
>>From a practical point of view, I believe that in country such as
>Australia with as many people as we have not being able to afford a
>computer, fairness of distribution would be an issue. One disadvantaged
>family gets a computer another doesn't, it lacks equity. In individual
>cases such as the disabled as was pointed out, the idea of giving PCs to
>homes is an excellent idea.
>Another question, how does one qualify for a computer? ie what are the
>critereon, or is it open to whomever applies?

It's a tricky question isn't it? Grahame and I originally proposed to
delegate this problem to the organisations we support, let them set
the criteria. I still think this is the best way to go. If we get all
tied up in decisions of Solomon, and forget that our primary goal is to
promote the diffusion of OSS for social good, using our technical skills,
then we risk distraction.

Also I'd prefer an approach where we don't ration things until it becomes
necessary. I'd love to use up the backlog of equipment promised. But
also bearing in mind that we are not Freecomputers Unlimited. Then again,
the hardware platforms we envisage are probably not in high demand.

Schools and libraries are a different case. They have decision bodies
and such and are often wary of change. One school I know wanted to buy
their own servers; they had the money; but the Department said they had
to use such and such a NOS.

Anyway a friend and I are going to refurbish a computer after Christmas
and give it to a family he teaches in the home tutor program. So that's
our first arbitrary decsision.