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Re: a suggestion


> It's a tricky question isn't it? Grahame and I originally proposed to
> delegate this problem to the organisations we support, let them set
> the criteria. I still think this is the best way to go. If we get all
> tied up in decisions of Solomon, and forget that our primary goal is to
> promote the diffusion of OSS for social good, using our technical skills,
> then we risk distraction.

So we will be suppliers in a way for other organisations who distribute
the computers? 
> Schools and libraries are a different case. They have decision bodies
> and such and are often wary of change. One school I know wanted to buy
> their own servers; they had the money; but the Department said they had
> to use such and such a NOS.

Yes, I have experienced such a problem quite a bit. I work for a systems
integration firm and our recommendations are sometimes overturned
because of internal politics or interference.

Another question, Is computer bank registered as a charity?


I use UNIX because reboots are for hardware upgrades.